Ein Tagebuch zu den Erlebnissen der Englandfahrt der sechsten Klassen

Nach der ereignisreichen Teilnahme an der diesjährigen Englandfahrt der sechsten Klassen haben die vier Schülerinnen Carla, Eva, Felina und Mia ihre Erlebnisse tagebuchartig festgehalten. Viel Spaß beim Lesen:

Our England Trip Diary (by Carla, Eva, Felina and Mia)

Day 1
In the morning we met at 6 am in the school parking lot and I put my bag on the bus. After that I said goodbye to my parents and the journey began!
In the afternoon we arrived in Calais, France. Before we went to the ferry, we had to go through passport control. Then on the ferry, we ate something and went outside to see the beautiful sea. It was exciting on the ferry because it was very windy and I had a lot of fun outside. Once we were in Dover, we drove one hour by bus to Whitstable.
In the evening we met our host family. We unpacked, ate together and watched the football game.
It was so exciting to travel on a ferry for the first time and to be in another country without my parents.

Day 2
In the morning we woke up at 7 am, ate breakfast and then we went to the meeting point. We took the bus to the harbour and visited Whitstable. We went shopping for souvenirs, saw the fish market and Whitstable Castle.
In the afternoon we went to Broadstairs beach. The beach was beautiful. It was sunny and a bit windy. The water was blue and there I found nice rocks. After a few hours, I built a sandcastle with my group and had to come up with a story. When we ate something, a lot of seagulls wanted to steal our food!
In the evening we went back to hour host family. Dinner was very tasty because we had pasta au gratin with cheese. After dinner we watched a movie.

Day 3
In the morning we drove to London. There we had a bus tour and saw a lot of famous buildings (Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, …).
In the afternoon we rode on the London Eye. We were able to see the whole of London from there, the view was amazing! Later we walked to Tower Bridge and visited one of the towers. Then we sailed along the River Thames back to our bus.
In the evening our host family picked us up from the meeting point in Whitstable.

Day 4
In the morning we went to Dover Castle and had a look inside. It was great to learn about the history of the castle, and the view was fantastic.
In the afternoon we drove to Wildwood Wildlife Park and learned about the animals there. We saw brown bears, wild cats, beavers, bison and horses. After that we went to a playground and it was really exciting. I slid down a very big slide and I was proud and happy that I did that.
In the evening we drove back to our host family, ate dinner and packed our bags.

Day 5
In the morning we got up and packed the rest of our things into our bags. This was the last day with our host family, so we said goodbye to them. Then we went to Canterbury on a double-decker bus. There we walked to a park and had a picnic.
In the afternoon we went on a little boat trip and learned a lot about the River Stour, the small river. Our captain answered a lot of our questions and told us interesting things about Canterbury. He was very funny because he was always making jokes. Then I went shopping with my friends.
In the evening our bus drove us to Dover to take the ferry to Calais. On the ferry we ate fish and chips and were outside. The sunset was very beautiful on the ferry. Then we drove over seven hours and slept a bit.

Day 6
At 5 am we arrived safely at our school in Dreieich. I was very tired, but happy to see my family!